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Name: Eric Jones
Date: 2021-03-04
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Name: Michel Minnick
Date: 2021-02-24
By Googling the following keywords, you will understand the sinister technology that is within the C-19 vaccine itself The words are: profusa hydrogel, microdot vaccines, luciferase tattoo Below are the following prophetic dreams and visions people received from God #1 _The Mark Of The Beast Is Here_ Received by July Whedbee July 29, 2020 The implementation of the plans to alter your DNA and make it programmable by something other than Me, your Creator, are here I control and govern the DNA I have placed within you, but if you allow man to administer anything within your bodies, that will recode your DNA, I will no longer be the controller I will no longer recognize you as My creation You will have become a mixture of something else, an altered form of man and technology, and therefore, not in My image any longer Do you understand what I am saying Truly the hour is here when you must prepare to make the choice to remain fully human, infused with My Spirit The enemy wants nothing more than to deceive you through propaganda, fear and manipulation and cause you to allow either a mark or an implant vaccine or digital tattoo into your bodies that will forever separate you from Me This is your reality right now! You must know what you will choose to do When you open doors to the enemy through sin and through your choices in life outside of My ways, the demonic spirits appoint gatekeepers over your heart, your mind, and your soul Then those spirits invite more, and when no repentance occurs, strongholds occur The heart of an unregenerate man is wicked and deceitful above all things But My Word is quick, powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword, piercing even to the dividing apart of your soul and spirit, your joints and marrow, as I discern the thoughts and intentions of your heart Allow Me to write My laws on your heart and you will know truth at last You will know what is now directly in front of you and the choices that are here for you and your loved ones My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, but it does NOT have to be this way Allow My glory to penetrate your spirit so that your soul will come under submission To not allow this, means you will remain in bondage and you will be easily deceived If I do not dwell in you fully, and your gates have been breached, another will easily influence you and take governance My people, I have given you the keys to the Kingdom Whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven and whatever is loosed on earth will be loosed in Heaven Bind the strongman, bind the strongholds on your life and be delivered! The technology for the mark of the beast is here It is upon you It will be presented at first to be taken voluntarily, then very soon after, you will not be able to buy, sell or work Do not wait another moment Come out of Babylon and make Me King of your heart, the Divine Gatekeeper of your soul The evil ones have set in motion their wicked schemes, as it must be so according to My Word Many, many judgments will occur as I allow them This is to wake up My church You must know where you stand in your walk with Me, because in an instant, everything will change, and there will not be another opportunity to choose, because the choice will be made for you You are either all in, or I am turning you over to your carnal mind and nature You have the choice My loves, choose life and eternity in Me over eternal death in darkness The time is now YAHUSHUA JESUS #2 You Must CHOOSE NOW to NOT Take the MARK or VACCINE Cryptic1 Message given 8/9/2020 There will be a great shaking all across the land It is coming All will know who I AM is then In those days many will cry out to Me Have I not given out warning upon warning and still many of My own have not prepared Seek Me now while I may be found Seek Me wholeheartedly in My Word, in worship, in kneeling before Me in repentance _ I will be found Time is short Time is precious Use it wisely for it is on the move _ passing -never to return Many will cry out to Me in that day Is it not better to call out to Me now while I am here CHILDREN THE TIME IS COME TO CHOOSE _ TO TAKE THE VACCINE OR NOT _ TO TAKE OF THE MARK OR NOT NOW IS THE TIME NOW IS THE HOUR DO NOT WAIT UNTIL IT IS AT YOUR DOOR _FOR IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR MANY OF YOU MANY WILL BUCKLE AND CAVE IN TO THE DEMANDS OF THE ENEMY WHEN THERE IS NO FOOD, NO HOME, NO MONEY _ IT WILL BE HARDER TO STAND AND EASIER TO TAKE THE MARK AND THE VACCINE YOU MUST STAND BEFORE ME NOW AND SUBMIT YOUR WILL TO MY WILL ALLOW ME TO LEAD YOU AND GUIDE YOU CHILDREN THERE WILL BE MUCH SUFFERING BUT IT WILL BE GREATER SUFFERING WITHOUT ME CHOOSE NOW CHOOSE LIFE WITH ME AND FORSAKE THIS WORLD AND ITS_ TRAPPINGS IN EXCHANGE FOR THE HEAVENLY KINGDOM I OFFER _ OR CHOOSE DEATH ETERNAL DEATH I SAY _ FOR ONCE YOU TAKE OF THE MARK YOU ARE AS DEAD TO ME FOR YOUR SOUL WILL BE LOST TO ME ETERNALLY FOREVER I have said to persevere until the end I have said there would be tribulation I have said that anyone who does not give up father or mother or their loved ones is not worthy of My Kingdom and to sit at My right hand Only the Father knows the day and the hour so prepare, prepare for all that is coming Ground your hearts in Me _ the firm foundation of Truth Many will be caught up even now in the lies and deception of the evil one I am the Way, I am the Truth, I am the light of the world Come follow Me children Persevere to the end I will be with you always Guard your hearts Forgive your enemies Keep your garments white and pure Be holy as I am Holy I come upon the clouds of glory for My own Your Savior Lord and King Yeshua #3 Covid-19 Vaccinations MEAN DEATH! Esther Eagle March 3, 2020 I was praying and fasting, regarding the Covid-19 vaccine during the time I_ve received this dream: In my dream, God took me into the near future of America I was overlooking America like a birds eye view, and I looked to my right of America the Eastside and was overlooking New York State as well And I saw millions of people in America, had received the Covid-19 vaccine And also throughout America, I could see 5G towers monitoring VERY closely the covid-19 vaccinated individuals victims When I saw this, I immediately asked God, _How are they completely connected to these 5G towers and the towers to them_ Right after I asked God this, He took me to a hospital in New York There, I saw a doctor giving a patient, the covid-19 vaccine The doctor and patient couldn_t see me But while the doctor was injecting into the patient_s arm, the covid-19 vaccine shot I saw hundreds/thousands of little specs of microchips, [nanobots] INSIDE the covid-19 vaccine, flowing through the shot, and into that individual As the dream went on, One thing got my attention immediatelywas that the people who_d taken the Covid-19 vaccine, their whole body was glowing an odd color green I asked God, _What does this mean_ And I saw the word, _radioactive_ AND, upon seeing thisI also saw that they had extra super dark energy-that is, super demonic energy- attached to them! Also, the word _LEGION__was written all over them as well! The Lord took my up higher in the dream again birds eye view, but over looking America And the million_s of people, who_d priorly were covid-19 vaccinated and being controlled by the 5G towers BEGAN to grow to be VERY violent and AGGRESSIVE, VERY beast like In fact, the news called it, _An outbreak_ and that those same people those with covid-19 vaccine in their blood were deemed _INCURABLE_ These covid-19 vaccinated individuals, where EVERYWHERE when the _outbreak_ occurred! There was NO LINE they weren_t willing to cross, be it in, violence, murder, mayhem, ravaging, etc They were COMPLETELY and UTTERLY out of hand! I was taken to a very disturbing scene: A major city, in the mid-eastern side of America were infested with _incurables_They were literally running all over-many on all fours-just like beasts! They were running out of a city, that they had priorly taken over, I saw thousands laying dead all over the streets of that city the smell and sight was HORRIBLE! I saw then, that the same CV-19 vaccinated crazed _incurables_ were ALL at war, with the EVERBODY, including the US military! Looking down at the outskirts in this same city, it was a scene of COMPLETE utter confusion, torment and chaos! The US military soldiers were in the thousands, and armed with machine guns etc, were shooting by the droves, all _infected_ on sight! The _infected_ so full of legion within themselves; in the hundreds of thousands, were throwing metal objects, rocks-whatever they could find-all against the US Militarythe _infected_ were even jumping off of vehicles they_d jump as high as 8-10 in the air and tall objects to gain ground against the US Military The _infected_, didn_t care to loose their own lives either! As before mentioned_there was no line they weren_t willing to cross_ I saw these _incurable_ CV-19 vaccinated people were in the millions, everywhere in America, they were burning up, homes, cities, towns, neighborhoods During this _OUTBREAK_that resulted throughout the US Martial Law was issued, as the military soldiers each had orders to: _Shoot ALL incurables/infected ON SIGHT!_ The soldiers had to be in gathered in large groups at a time and use special automatic machine gunsbecause it literally took LOTS of bullets just to kill one _incurable_ on sight It was far worse on the East side of America too, especially because of the _most infected_ cities there as the media put it Right then, seeing all this, I heard the Lord repeat 3x_s: _Covid-19 Vaccinations MEAN DEATH!_ Note: I told myself, for the Lord to use the word, _Death_I knew strongly in my spirit, He meant, _Eternal death_ #4 What the Mark is like March 29, 2020 Daughter of God I got to experience in this dream what it would be like to receive the mark of the beast Dream: There was 2 of me and we were standing in a tent where a nurse was giving vaccinations I had a choice to take the vaccine or not I said _I don_t want that, it could be the mark of the beast_ The nurse reassured me saying _no it_s not, it_s just a vaccine, just a precursor to the mark, it_s nothing_ The other me said _I_ll go first, don_t be a chicken, it_s nothing_ Then I started seeing through her eyes For the rest of the dream I was in that other version of me that chose to take the mark I believe God was showing me this so I could see what it is like and warn others It_s going to get real dark and disturbing from here so I wont even tell all the details of it Ok so the nurse pulled out a tattooing device and tattooed me in the center of my forehead I barely felt it and looked in the mirror to see if it was done and I saw a circular pattern of quantum dots They glowed white About 2 cm diameter Then the nurse got me to draw a symbol I knew the symbol was to seal the deal It seemed to be some kind of witchcraft symbol It had a triangular shape at the top with a spiral under it I won_t draw it again to show you, for obvious reasons Remember it wasn_t me doing it, I was like an observer but seeing through her eyes with no control of what was happening Then I felt demons attach to me, one on each side and I felt changed I felt Holy Spirit and love leave me and my heart felt empty and dead It scared me, the nothingness inside, like a void that can_t be filled It felt so cold But I felt powerful and had superpowers but they were like magic, like witchcraft powers I went out to test them out I could wave my hand over things to repair them and I could jump through portals to other places I was hanging out with the rich and famous They all had the mark too I felt an immense pride and superiority over _regular_ humans I felt no empathy whatsoever This must be what a psychopath feels I was killing people like it was nothing I_ll stop there You get the point: The mark made me evil in the dream It made me sick, the real me, I knew at was wrong but couldn_t stop it I actually repented when I woke up because the dream disturbed me so much It was nothing like me in real life In real life I have a big heart and love and care for others and I_m not proud at all I_m just a humble servant for God I never want to experience anything like that again Don_t take the vaccine, it is the mark and will turn you into a monster You_re better off dying than taking this mark I asked God for a confirmation of this dream and He gave me this scripture : For we do not wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places Therefore take up the whole armor of God, that you may be able to withstand in the evil day, and having done all, to stand _ Ephesians 6:12,13 God bless #5 Vaccine simultaneously rolled out with RFID chip Mark of the Beast August 13, 2020 2:55 PM Robby Cousins Received: Monday morning, March 9, 2020 In this vision the Lord took my Spirit and brought me into a room with top executives & world leaders These men were basically discussing how & when they are planning to release a vaccine for the COVID-19 pestilence they have created plus other orchestrated destruction/plagues to come Seen clearly seated at the table among the men; was the son of perdition: _Barrack Hussein Obama_ END of VISION Immediately as I woke up; the Holy-Spirit said to me: _Carnage_ Google_s definition of _Carnage_: mass death, killing or slaughter of people Elizabeth Marie _received this message while praying on 8-31/20: _The world is unraveling It is part of what the end of times will look like as it is written in MY WORD Wickedness abounds, and as it gets out of control, like weeds in a a garden_the end will now come in like a flood It wickedness has new technology that will change your DNA You will no longer hear from ME if it is taken voluntarily, because you have chosen them to take care of you__ HOWEVER, if it is forced, I will block its effects The mark will be something you choose__ So have no fear, if you choose correctly! Get yourself in a right standing with ME, because you do not know when you will draw your last breath here on the earth Very little time is left to prepare your hearts and homes Use what is left carefully However, love not your lives unto death, for to be present with ME is a much better thing! Every step now should be carefully placed with much thought and prayer Do nothing outside MY will, and consult ME on everything! This is how you walk in the SPIRIT and not your own flesh! Soon the clouds will grow darker, and the light will be no more Only the light in MY true children_s hearts will shine Prepare for this darkness, both physically and spiritually Let your hearts be trimmed with the oil of the HOLY SPIRIT Follow closely MY voice and I will tuck you under MY WINGS PRAY at all times _ AROUND THE CLOCK, and I will hear! You are never alone, for I walk with you and in you You are MY treasured vessels_those who serve ME with all of their hearts!! REST IN ME_ ABIDE IN ME_ YOUR KING AND SAVIOR, YESHUA_
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Name: Joeann Eichelberger
Date: 2021-02-18
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Name: Snarraxorousy
Date: 2021-02-14
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Name: Arletha Straub
Date: 2021-01-26
Happy New Year 2021!!! Are you working tomorrow
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